Floor & Wall Tiling

Tiling services that encompass all planning & delivery facets of this specialised trade.

Creative Planning

We take time to overview the project and plan accordingly to provide the best outcome.

Indoor / Outdoor

Exterior cladding for Entries, Entertaining areas, Outside or Inside, US.co Tiling has you covered.

Specialised Services

Tiling is a specialist trade providing our clients with the best possible outcome through creative planning & execution.

Crafted Outcomes

Our pride of work is based on our ability to liaise with a client, understnd the project and craft an exceptional outcome.

Professional Approach

A sense of Care & Pride is the cornerstone of our approach. The client comes first and the work is our legacy that we ensure.

You can rely on US.co

It is a long established fact that a reader

Specialist Tiling that is:

  • Professional

    We take great pride in our craftsmanship and look forward to offering you the same level of service.

  • Dependable

    We know that reliability is the key to a happy client and so, with this in mind, we always put our client first.

  • Experienced

    We've been tiling for years, providing dedicated, quality outcomes that leave behind a long list of happy clients.

Our Clients Kind Words

We value our clients and their satisfaction ensures solid word of mouth referrals

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